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About a year ago, Mike met Mitch, founder of Refab Wood, through a mutual friend (and talented woodworker), Ross Gruet. Mitch started making furniture in a basement with his grandfather’s tools, and he now runs Refab with his brother Paul out of a 3,000 square foot, full-service wood and metalworking shop. It’s told better here:″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen><  

As you can see, they do fantastic work.

Mike had the idea to approach Mitch about a trade, he’d designed some standing desks but needed more serious tools to build them. It turned out Paul had been building out Refab’s web presence, and they were getting to the point where they felt they needed a video on their website.  That’s the genesis of this project.

Over the course of a couple months this past fall, Mitch opened up the shop to us after-hours, made sure we didn’t run a hand through the table saw, and helped out whenever we got in over our heads. They aren’t the prettiest desks you’ve ever seen, but we love them:



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We came back to Refab this past February and spent a few days filming with Mitch and Paul. We started with the interview you saw in the video above (the profile shot):



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The remaining time we spent filming them putting together the desktop you saw in the video. We tried to approach each task intentionally, covering each step of the process. (De-nailing, planing, joining, table saw, sanding, etc…) Here are some BTS shots of a scene with Paul:



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Once filming wrapped, we cut the interview down to what you see above, and gave it to Scott Gratton. About 8 hours later he had come up with the music you hear in the video, no joke.

 Once we had the story and music bed in place, it was just piecing together the b-roll, color grading the footage, and nailing down a final mix. 


For the nerds:


Camera: a7sii w/Metabones EF adapter; Atomos Inferno

Lenses: Rokinon 24/35/50/85mm primes; Canon 135 and 70-200mm

Light: Arri kit; Chimera softbox; Dracast LED’s

Sound: Sennheiser MKH-416 mic into USB-preII, recorded in ProTools

Support: Manfrotto tripods/shoulder rig; Rhino slider; Kessler jib

Editing: Premiere; AfterEffects; DaVinci; ProTools